Our Gender Revolution Challenge

Our Gender Revolution Challenge


The Our Gender Revolution Conversation Guide was designed for activists, advocates, teachers, and community members working to end gender based violence.

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Our Gender Revolution re-imagines communities where all genders are valued, everyone is able to be their authentic self, and power is shared. Our Gender Revolution re-imagines communities where we see the humanity in everyone.

Unfair treatment or discrimination of people – including gender violence —simply because of how a person expresses their gender is wrong.

  • Step One: Act as a Revolutionary Individual or Organize a Team!
  • Step Two: Explore Gender Equity in Your School or Community!

Who can participate: Idaho High School Students (9th-12th grade)

Ideal for the classroom, school groups, and/or individual students.

Order materials online to be delivered or download, print and distribute in your community today.

Size: 8.5 x 11.00″
OVW Approved: 2016

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