Communities most impacted by violence + community centered solutions

Gender violence impacts every community and has a much higher impact on communities that are most affected by oppression—Black, Indigenous, Latinx, and people of color, trans and queer community, individuals with disabilities, immigrants, refugees, and more. Centering solutions on communities most impacted while supporting and uplifting community-centered solutions to ending violence will better meet the needs of all communities.


Transformation of our response to violence: safety, healing, and resilience

As we work to end all forms of gender violence, we know we must continue to heal from the past and present impacts of violence, while investing in community-centered responses. Our tribal and community domestic and sexual violence organizations continue to be vital partners in all of the work at the Idaho Coalition as we strive to bring forward the resilience of our communities through healing practices.

Transformative cultural shift toward collective thriving

Culture plays a vital role in understanding what it means to be human. It has taught us the power of seeing ourselves as deeply interconnected human beings. Culture can transform hearts and minds. Our transformative cultural strategies and campaigns reflect the worldview that we want to live into now.


Mobilizing Across Movement

All forms of violence are interconnected, and so are the solutions. We join with our community partners to mobilize movements for gender justice, racial justice, immigrant justice, Trans and Queer justice, disability justice, climate justice and more. Relationships across movements, based in mutuality and trust, allow for the Idaho Coalition to amplify the voice and experiences of communities most impacted by violence.

Towards Thriving-04-20-23

Topics Include: What 4/20 Means for Gender Violence, At Your Cervix, An Ode to Survival, Upcoming Training & Event Opportunities

Towards Thriving-03-09-23

Topics Include: Sisters – not Cis-ters, “Take It Down” Services, Amazing Tools for Youth, Upcoming Training & Event Opportunities

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